News from Washington post: True or Fake (No. 119)

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This is my test post like I said on Reddit. Here’s a link

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I posted this article for review because I think the Washington Post is creating fake news, with a strong bias to the left. Ironically, the posted article is their attempt to debunk President's Trump statement that the US has 'spent' 7 trillion dollars in the Mid East. They say, 'well the money isn't actually spent yet, it is only allocated, so he is lying.' But the president is perfectly right to say the money is 'spent'. If you buy a car for $20k and only put $5k down, you still have 'spent' $20k on a car. You have an obligation to pay the rest or you go bankrupt.

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In my opinion the Washington Post is correct. "We have spent" is past. Therefore the money should be already gone and therefore a sunk cost. But in reality the money is not gone yet. Hence it is a future obligation.

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I agree. He should have said "we have committed 7 trillion" not "we have spent 7 trillion". It is deliberately misleading.

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I believe this is fake news, because, as many others have stated, it should have been worded as "committed" instead of "spent".

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I think this is not true because this is a projection of the amount to be spent 7 trillion.It is not yet actually spent.

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