ChainBLX: The News and Business Plan Website Which Pays Readers to Find Fake News and Scams (No. 117)

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We are proud to announce that the following document WP version 117 achieved the ChainBLX opinion based accreditation on .

This accreditation testifies that it is our professional opinion as well as the opinion of our community that whitepaper is in compliance with the professional standard brought forward and regulated by

Document reached its accreditation with the following statistics.

A ChainBLX accreditation is very difficult to archive and in no way should any statistic be indicative of the quality of the document at hand. Neither should the achievement of accreditation in anyway imply that investors should conduct their own diligence prior to any investment.

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The discussion forum will remain open for future discussion, the remainder of the bounty will be reimbursed to the owner and no future claims can be filed.

In the name of the community and ChainBLX

We wish the best of success.

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It looks like I might have the distinction of being the first one here. It’s an honor and a privilege, good luck to everyone at ChainBLX. I saw the press release on Reddit and really like this idea. I’m signing up to be a bounty hunter and need likes to get certified, so if you guys could show me some love, would be appreciated.

AND… I think I have my first claim: This press release can’t be found anywhere except here on your site. I assume the guy on Reddit also probably found it here. So why does it say “Newswire” at the top, which implies that it is already distributed to news outlets? It looks like you posted this press release on your site before it was actually went to news outlets. So, the inclusion of “Newswire” at the top is misleading.

How about a Bounty Hunter certification and a little cash?))

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Hi @MX10178 yes we post the press release here. as we got it from . Here is the link to the published version

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Chain BLX will give give people a good forum to determine which is true and fake news.Generally, people will make a decisive opinion.

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@onderl1s Thank you this our goal

erikreed89erikreed89 Reputation: 0
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I pray that this company works for the public's good, as there is too much "fake news" and rumors creeping into news stories at the present time. People need true, unbiased stories to which to base their information and, as @onderl1s stated, their opinions.

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Automatic Claim Number - cla1550738106

Quote - ChainBLX functions as an accreditation service by the community, ChainBLX is not above the rules.Therefore, the launch of its service starts with accrediting ChainBLX itself

Claim - According to first paragraph,ChainBLX is committed to ensure that the general public gets accredited information to make their informed opinions.

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